1. CICS Supplied Transactions
    A list of the transactions that are supplied with CICS.
  2. CICS Commands
    A list of all of the commands you can use in CICS programs.
  3. Updating CICS System Data
    How to update system data from a CICS program.
  4. Exception Conditions on Rewrite
    What exception conditions can be returned from a CICS rewrite command.
  5. Reading Keyed Records
    How to read keyed records in a CICS program.
  6. Compiling and Debugging a CICS Program
    How to compile and then debug your CICS program.
    How the CICS ASKTIME command works.
  8. MilliSeconds/NanoSeconds
    How to retrieve milliseconds with CICS.
  9. TSQ and TDQ
    Explaining what Temporary Storage Queues and Transient Data Queues are and what the difference between them is.
  10. TSQs
    The difference between a TSQ and a VSAM file.
  11. Deleting TSQs
    How can you delete from a TSQ.

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