1. Database Basics
    An introduction to databases.
  2. The Select Statement
    How to extract the record(s) that you want from a relational database using SQL.
  3. Adding, Replacing, and Deleting Records
    How to add, replace, and delete records in a relational database using SQL.
  4. What is Hashing
    An introduction to hashing.
  5. Database Normalization
    The six different normalizations to apply during database design.
  6. Select Top Six
    How to retrieve the top two or more values for a field.
  7. Learning MySQL
    A review of the only book on MySQL that most people will ever need.
  8. SQL Hacks
    If the above book isn't enough for you or you are using a different SQL database then this book is filled with loads of useful solutions to database problems.
  9. Head First SQL
    An excellent book for both beginner and intermediate relational database users which teaches both SQL and basic database design in a fun way.
  10. Char or Varchar
    What is the difference between a char field and a varchar field.
  11. Simply SQL
    The basics of SQL for beginner clearly explained in great detail.
  12. SQL and Relational Theory
    How to use SQL properly.
  13. Database Fields
    How to determine what belongs in a single field. One of the first steps in designing your database.

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