Speaking JavaScript

This book is an excellent choice for anyone who already knows another language wanting to learn JavaScript. It is also an excellent choice for anyone who learnt JavaScript a long time ago who wants to update their knowledge of how to write it for modern browsers.

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This is the best book on JavaScript that I have seen in a while. It not only covers what a beginner needs to know to get started but it also proceeds through gradually more and more advanced topics until it gets to a few that most other JavaScript books leave out - such as debugging and documentation. While the above list of cons looks to be almost as long as that of the pros, they are of an entirely different nature with the cons basically listing those aspects of coding where I do not agree completely with the author on which is the better alternative.

The way this book is laid out makes it useful for anyone writing JavaScript. The beginner can concentrate on the early part of the book while the entire book is a useful reference for more advanced programmers. I particularly like the way that the author points out the pitfalls of the many poor constructs that can be used in JavaScript (and also the explanation early in the book as to why those constructs are there in the first place).

By using a clear and concise writing style the author has managed to fit a huge amount of information about JavaScript into a relatively small book. Some of the topics covered later in the book are ones that you would never see even mentioned in JavaScript books just a couple of years ago even though they were just as important to writing clean JavaScript then as they are now.

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