Stylin' With CSS

Stylesheets are THE way to define the way web pages appear and Charles has many years of practical experience in using stylesheets to do just that which he shares with everyone who reads this book.

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While I have listed a lot of cons for this book, the list is actually somewhat misleading as all of those issues are relatively minor ones and they are all that I could find in the book that I would consider to be cons. The pros on the other hand are really significant ones. This book really is an excellent practical guide to using CSS to style your web pages. The book also contains practical solutions to many of the problems that people first starting out with CSS have in getting their page to look the way that they want it to.

The book goes one better than just telling you how to achieve all of these practical effects. The book uses the web site associated with the book as a practical example and walks you through step by step how the appearance of the pages on that site were achieved. Also once you get to the site you can download a complete copy of the CSS that the book covers so that you don't need to type in any of the codes from the book.

If you are looking for a book with practical information about CSS then you have found it with this book.

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