Tenorshare AnyData Recovery Pro

A simple to use program that attempts to find and restore files that you accidentally deleted. It's success will of course depend on whether any part of the file has already been overwritten.

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Downloading, installing and registering this program was an extremely simple process. Of course you really want to do this before you lose any files given that the download and install process could very well overwrite parts of the lost files that you want to recover if you leave it until you actually need it. Unfortunately there is not a version offered that can be downloaded and run from a USB stick so as to be able to attempt to recover files already lost at the time of the download.

Getting back into the program after I exited it the first time also proved to be more difficult than I expected as the program did not create a shortcut anywhere obvious that I could use to access it. The TenorShare name was not used as a part of the folder name making it impossible to find amongst the various other utility programs that I have installed. In the end I had to restart the install process just to find out which folder it had actually installed in.

When running the software the list of partitions shown included all of the partitions on the hard drive and not just those visible from Windows. This includes the small partition on the front of the drive that holds the bootmanager as well as hidden partitions. When the partitions are spread across multiple hard drives the software does not provide any indication that multiple drives are involved. It does however label those drives that Windows recognises so that you know which of those drives are which. Above the list of partitions you also get to choose common locations on the system such as Desktop and My Documents. It does appear that scanning a partition that contains one or more of these common locations actually skips over the common locations and only scans the rest of the partition as scanning the C: drive does not find any lost files from My Documents when though that folder is on that partition.

Scanning a particular partition is done simply by selecting the partition. The software then generates a list of all of the "lost" files that it found on the partition sorted into file type order and with an option to view the content of each file in either plain text or hex format. In a lot of cases the 'lost' files had the same names as files already there leaving me wondering whether these were old versions of the files.

The deep scan option takes significantly longer to run but finds a lot more files. This does a sector by sector search for files and so is able to find files even where there is no trace of them any more in the directory tree.

Download a trial version or buy a copy of Tenorshare AnyData Recovery Pro.

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