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Provides a lot of the functionality that most people need to keep their data safe without costing anything.

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For a free backup program the functionality that is provided is exceptional. While there is only partial support for scheduling backups, differential backups are not supported, recovering to dissimilar hardware is not supported, and you can't back up to a NAS, this version does provide all of the functionality that those with a simple home computer setup are likely to need - provided that you have small enough external drives for the emergency restore to be able to read the drive.

While the Linux emergency restore option only supports drives up to 2Tb in size, Windows itself can handle larger external drives and so provided that you are not trying to restore files or partitions that are actually being used by Windows that the backup is on a larger external drive will not be a problem. If your backup is on a drive over 2Tb in size then you can still restore that backup provided that you can find a way to copy the backup file to a smaller drive first.

The next version up of this software is called "Home" and it adds a Windows emergency restore disk and full scheduling support, differential backups and support for NAS. There is nothing to indicate whether the Windows version of the emergency disk overcomes the 2Tb drive limit though and so paying to upgrade to that version may not resolve the problem of being able to restore a partition from a large external drive. This leaves the lack of support for the now "standard" 3Tb external drives as the biggest issue with this software.

p.s. this software actually save me from a potential disaster with my main computer when I managed to hit the wrong button in another program I was testing which resulted in all the applications on my application partition being deleted. I had tested the ToDo Home Free backup to a 3Tb external drive just a couple of days earlier and by copying that backup back onto a work partition under 2Tb in the computer itself I was able to use the recovery disk to restore the entire application partition back to how it was just two days earlier leaving me with just three applications to reinstall to get back to how the computer had been before the mishap.

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