This is not the ultimate all-in-one speedup solution that they claim but it does include a number of useful features. Unfortunately many of the features are not available when you need them.

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At first sight this product appeared to be as good as it claimed. The Registry Cleanup and Registry Defrag options are able to find further things to clean up in the registry even after you have run other reliable registry cleaners without removing anything needed for your applications to function. The disk cleaning feature also works well. As a system cleaner this program excells giving better results than the better known CCleaner program that also has this functionality.

ToolWiz does far more than just clean up your system though and it is with these additional features that the program doesn't perform as well as I was expecting. The Disk Doctor option performs an I/O check of your hard drive and then runs a cut down version of chkdsk /f /r on the drive (and appears to be able to do so without dismounting the drive first). This makes it easier to scan drives on your system but doesn't clear the dirty flag if it is set (at the time I was testing ToolWiz the computer was constantly scanning various drives during the boot because the dirty flag wasn't being reset after disk updates were saved and running the Disk Doctor helped me to confirm that the problem wasn't with the hard drive itself as none of the scans ever found any errors - the problem turned out to be something entirely different).

The Fast Defrag option did not work all that well when I tried it. It did find that there were lots of fragmented files on the drive when i ran it and it spent a short time defragging them. After running it several times it eventually got to the point where it couldn't find any more fragmented files to defrag. I then went into the Windows supplied defrag option which reported that there were lots of fragmented files on the drive. It appears that the ToolWiz defrag doesn't check for fragmented files all that well.

At first glance the Startup Report and Startup Optimizer looked like they would be useful and the admin login did load slightly faster after I used those options to apply a few of the suggested changes. Switching back to the regular user account that I use for everything except system maintenance and the startup time for that login appeared to be no different than before. As 99.9999% of all logins should be as a regular user and not as admin there seems little use in an option that only optimizes the admin login.

Similarly the Time Freeze option only works for the admin user but here it at least makes some sense since system changes can only be made via that user but since the only time you should be running programs as admin is when you want to make changes the only times that ToolWiz is actually running to be able to apply this feature is when you don't want it applied.

I didn't test the Virtual Safe, Game Booster, Remote File Backup, Picture Editor, Password Manager, Password Generator, Duplicate File Finder or File Undelete options. While many of these would be useful, the fact that they are only available when you are performing system maintenance makes their inclusion within the program completely pointless.

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