Semi-Colon in Find

Question: I have a program where I wish to find a string containing semicolon. eg. I want to search for a string 'DO;'.

The problem is that if I use F ALL 'DO;' on the command line, it is giving me an error saying, "incomplete string". It is not accepting ; as a part of the string.

Answer" You can't put a semi-colon in the middle of a command because it is treated as a statement separator that allows you to enter multiple commands at the same time.

To find 'DO;' you can type the following command


The hexadecimal value C4D65E in the EBCEDIC character set equates to DO; and therefore will find that string without the semi-colon being mistaken for a command terminator as it does not appear as a semi-colon but as x'5E'.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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