Making Multiple Copies

Question: How to copy a line and paste it in more than one place without repeating the same command? If I want to copy a line in 10 different locations, I have to use the line command "c" 10 times and use the line commands "a" or "b" those many times. If I want to copy only once and paste in 10 different locations, is there any line command. ie, is there any command to store the line which is copied ?

Answer: To copy one line and paste in multiple places use the line command "c" with the primary command "cut". You then use the "a" or "b" line command with the primary command "paste" to place a copy of the copied line into the new location. Repeat the "a" or "b" and "paste" command for the additional places you want to paste the copied line. If you have a PF key set to "retrieve" then the second and subsequent pastes can be done by typing "a" or "b" and pressing that PF key.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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