Ubuntu made Easy

This book contains everything you need to set up a computer to run Ubuntu provided you want to use it as a stand alone computer.

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This replacement for the author's earlier book "Ubuntu Linux for non-Geeks" provides an up to date set of instructions for setting up a computer to run the latest Ubuntu either as a single operating system or dual boot system.

The one flaw that this book has is that it is mostly written assuming that people are running a stand alone computer connected directly to the internet. While that was a common setup when the earlier book was written I think that there are far more people now who are running a local network which may also include their entertainment system. There is no information in the book on setting up a media server. The section on interacting with Windows deals exclusively with accessing data files on a dual boot computer and attempting to get Windows applications to run on Ubuntu, it does not even mention interacting with other computers running Windows or attaching the Ubuntu system to a network. Of course the size of the book may have made including all this additional information impractical and the author may be planning a second companion volume "Ubuntu Networking Made Easy" to cover all the material omitted from this book that even novices are now likely to use.

The other area where information is lacking is with regard to alternative software. For example, the book mentions Firefox (which comes with Ubuntu) but doesn't cover any alternate browsers. Now Firefox was one of the better browser alternatives a few years ago but advances with the alternatives mean that it is now one of the worst. There is no mention of better alternatives such as Chrome and Opera.

Apart from these few flaws this book is an excellent resource for anyone considering trying out Ubuntu.

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p.s. for those wanting to install Ubuntu 12.04 into a Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 virtual machine, create the VM and then start the install. When the system starts to boot press a key to display the menu then press F6 and then Esc and add vga=791 to the end of the command. This will allow the desktop to load with a specific resolution and bypasses the problem of Ubuntu being unable to detect the screen resolution in a virtual PC VM. You can then update the boot options to apply a more permanent fix from within Ubuntu itself.

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