Customizing Vista

Personalizing Windows Vista Appearance

One of the new additions to the new operating system is the inclusion of the word "Personalize" in the user interface. Inside the Personalize interface there are many features that will allow you to customize you computer so that it reflects your needs, style and taste. Some of these features encompass the ability to change the desktop background, the screen saver and Windows Vista color scheme.

Changing the Desktop Background.

You can replace your current desktop background with any image that has one of the following formats: .bmp .gif .jpg .jpeg or .png. You can center the image, stretch it to fill or repeat is as many time as necessary to fill the space. You can also create your own background by using a graphic application like Photoshop.

Here's how you select an image for your background:

Change the Screen Saver

Screen savers are moving pictures or patterns that are displayed on your screen whenever there is no computer activity. Screen savers have no real use, other than they are fun to watch.

To change your screen saver, right click on your desktop, choose Personalize and click on Screen Saver. Click on the drop down menu to select your desired screen saver. You can also click on the Settings... button which opens up a dialog box where you can modify with your screen saver settings.

You can also choose when the screen saver will be displayed on your screen by increasing/decreasing the minutes besides the Wait tab.

Change the Color Scheme

You can customize fonts, sizes and colors of certain interface elements by changing the color scheme. To change the color scheme, right click on your desktop, click on Windows Color and Appearance, and select Open classic appearance properties for more colors options. Choose your desired scheme and click on the Advanced... button. Here you can modify the colors and sizes of the scheme.


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