Visual Quickstart PHP

A decent guide for beginners on writing PHP provided that you are not taken in by the misinformation about XHTML.

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The author of this book knows a great deal about PHP but seems to have a poor grasp of other technologies such as XHTML. The entire section in the introduction of the book covering a description of XHTML along with all the sample XHTML code throughout the book needs to be disregarded if you want to get the best out of the book. Those who know the difference between HTML and XHTML and who know the correct doctype to use for their web pages should be able to substituted for the incorrect code in the book without impacting significantly on the PHP.

Perhaps a more significant error is the authors not properly explaining the difference between GET (which should be used for read quests) and POST (which is intended for update requests). Instead the author only mentions the most visible difference between how the two work which is one of the reasons why so many people end up using the wrong option in the first place.

Apart from those issues which are only indirectly related to PHP the book provides an excellent coverage of what beginners to programming in PHP most meed to know. Anyone with a proper understanding of HTML shouldn't be put off by the incorrect way that the HTML in the book is written as the PHP that the book introduces does represent a reasonable approach for a beginner to take with PHP before moving on to more advanced concepts (some of which the author mentions as being included in one or more of his other books).

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