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Ask Felgall Member's Area This new membership site that I have created covers the areas of web design and development with both ebboks covering various aspects of the subject as well as software that will help you to build your web site. Since there are thousands of ebooks on internet marketing out there most of which are not even worth the time you spend downloading them, I'll include a few of the good ones that I fuind in the site as well.

There are three levels of membership - free, Silver ($15 per year) and Gold ($55 per year). For what I am including in the member's area other sites would be charging you many times this but I have set the prices at this level so that you get value for money even if you only find one or two products that you actually need. What's more you get to sign up free and see what the products are in the Silver and Gold areas before you need to pay to upgrade.

You can also benefit by referring others to the membership site. Get 10 others to sign up and you will receive a free bonus. Also, if anyone you refer upgrades or renews their membership then I will pay you a 60% commission on that upgrade or renewal so that you make more money from the transaction than I do.

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