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Lots of good ideas on how to get your web page loading faster and get it ranking better in the search engines.

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This book covers a whole range of optimisation techniques from how to get a better position in search engine results, how to get the best value from pay per click marketing, how to get the best conversion ratio from traffic to sales as well as how to get your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to load faster (although he missed that no one uses Netscape 1 or IE2 any more and so the <!-- --> around your JavaScript code is no longer required and can be removed for still better optimisation), ways to minimise HTTP calls and so remove those delays, effective use of caching, and finally what all the metrics terminology means and how to make use of it.

The only thing that many of these things have in common with one another is the book title - they are all different ways of optimising a web page and while there are other books that cover one aspect or another of web page optimisation, this is the only book where you will find all of them covered in the one place. The author recognises that the topics fall into two almost unrelated areas by dividing the book into two parts with separate chapters covering each separate aspect. This makes it extremely easy to go straight to the section of the book that deals specifically with the aspect that you are currently concerned with.

This isn't a book that you will sit down and read from cover to cover. This is a book that you will return to again and again to look up specific sections in order to obtain ideas for how to improve specific aspects of your web site.

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