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This hosting provides everything you'd expect from shared hosting using cPanel (although you may need to make a few changes to your code at the start). If you do have problems with the hosting then the excellent support staff will help you to resolve it.

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I decided to try this hosting as it came highly recommended by a friend of mine who has two accounts with them on dedicated hosting. Now I have a collection of rather complex web sites that rely on .htaccess settings, system calls to perform backups, lots of PHP scripts and email processing. This means that my sites are somewhat more complex than you might typically find on shared hosting - however with the current numbers of visitors to the sites I have no need for VPS hosting yet.

Actually moving my site across was extremely easy as their support staff moved everything for me. There were a couple of configuration issues to start with but even though the live chat support were unable to resolve these issues, a support ticket soon got them fixed.

There was one additional configuration issue that I was completely unaware of until about two months after I started using the hosting. The server was configured to require authenticated SMTP for sending mail. All of my mail scripts used the built in mail() function. This meant that all of the emails addressed to me were being delivered but all of the ones the site was supposed to be sending out were blocked. It was only after a couple of people advised me that they were unable to get the site to send them emails that I even realised this configuration problem existed. This issue took about a week for me to fix with the assistance of support who temporarily enabled mail() access for me while I resolved the problem as well as forwarding me mail logs that initially made no sense until I finally realised what the cause of one of the problems actually was. While support did provide some assistance in resolving these problems, I had to do significant rewrites of some of the scripts used by my sites to get them to work properly with this hosting. Admittedly few sites using shared hosting would use as many complex custom scripts as mine do.

Another concern was the amount of downtime I initially experienced with this hosting - significantly more than I had experienced with other hosting providers - for August 2014 only 99.74% uptime was achieved with a significant portion of the downtime corresponding to the time when I most needed the site to be available. This doesn't include what appears to be a significant amount of time where the database connection drops out leading to a situation where the site is up but cannot be displayed because it can't access the database. Even when the site was actually up and able to access the database there were periods where I was unable to access cPanel because it had been shut down due to a lack of resources on the system. As I suspected, this turned out to be an issue with the particular shared server that my hosting account was initially installed on and once my account was shifted to a different server these problems disappeared. Since the move everything has run perfectly with no need for me to contact support at all.

The persistence of the support staff in continuing to work with me until all of these problems were fixed was impressive. They spent some time monitoring various aspects of my site making modifications to various server settings trying to figure out what the issues were and finally decided to try moving my account to a different server at which time all of the problems disappeared. As very few shared hosting accounts are likely to contain anywhere near as many complex scripts as mine does, most sites should be able to run perfectly on this hosting without any issues or changes at all (apart from perhaps needing to switch over the email send calls - which can be done quite simply in most common scripts).

WebHostingBuzz have servers both in the USA and in the UK and provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting solutions to suit everyone's needs.

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