WP Plugin Review - Simple Custom CSS

Have you found a terrific WordPress theme but you want to change the colour scheme a bit? If you know basic CSS then this plugin provides the simplest solution.

While the theme itself provides ways to set a small number of colours (usually background, accent and text colours), everything else has its colour defined within the theme. If you want to change any of the other colours in the theme you will need a plugin to do it. Sometimes the theme author will recommend a plugin for the purpose but they don't know your ability level with creating web pages and so will recommend one that is simple to use without needing to know any coding. This will not be the best choice if you actually do know some coding.

Simple Custom CSS lives up to its name and adds a simple link to the Appearance Menu called 'Custom CSS'. This option supplies you with a single textarea and an "Update Custom CSS" button. Using it is as simple as typing some CSS into the textarea and then pressing the buton. The CSS you enter then gets added into the head of all the pages and posts etc on your site below all of the other CSS that is added.

To use the plugin all you need is basic CSS knowledge and the ability to find the ids or classes that WordPress has already assigned to the part of the template you want to change. How you find this is up to you - two obvious ways are to either view the source and do a find for unique content you know is at that spot in the page or to use your browser debugging tools. You then simply apply the styles you want to the appropriate id or class.

As a simple example, I was setting up a site using a theme called SemiColon.This has a sidebar menu that by default displays white text on a blue background.For the colour scheme I wanted to use this sidebar needed to be brown instead of blue. So I sumply installed this plugin and added the following in the textarea:

.widget-area .sidebar-primary .widget {
background-color: #996633;

This had the effect of changing the background colour of the primary sidebar widget to brown instead of blue. The colour of other parts of the page were then also changed by adding further CSS that targetted those areas.

For anyone who knows how to use CSS this plugin provides the simplest way of changing the styles being applied by your chosen theme so as to make it uniquely yours.

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