WP Plugin Review - Custom Contact Forms

This WortdPress plugin sounds impressive but I was extremely disappointed with it. The plugin claims to create beautiful custom forms for use within WordPress. I for one was not impressed by the appearance of the forms it creates. To start with they look nowhere near as good as forms that I can easily create myself using HTML.

The next issue with this plugin was the lack of instructions on how to tell the form what to do when it is submitted. This information isn't at all obvious from the pages the plugin adds to WordPress. To find any instructions on this at all you actually need to go to the copy of the plugin at github where there is at least some information about this although the way it is laid out still makes it difficult to figure out. Even with the information there on Form Notifications and Post Creation I still don't know how to actually use this plugin to set up an ugly but working form.

From reading all of the documentation I could find (once I realised they'd hidden it on github rather than incorporating it in the plugin itself, it appears that the form can only handle very basic things even if you can get it to work. Apparently all emails sent must be HTML format, plain text is not allowed. From the look of things it also doesn't support embedded images or attachments. The Post Creation option actually looks more interesting than the email option although what you can do with one of these forms that you can't do with the forms already built into WordPress I don't know.

I ended up uninstalling this plugin as I couldn't get it to work and the form it created looked extremely ugly.

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