WP Plugin Review - BackWPup

This is quite a powerful plugin for performing backups of your entire WprdPress installation. It not only backs up your WordPress database but all the files as well.

Even better is the fact that it gives you the ability to include other tables in your database in the backup and/or to omit files or tables from the backup - you get to choose exactly what each backup will include. The only things you can't choose to include in the backup are other databases. You can even set up multiple backup jobs backing up different parts of your WordPress site. As WordPress itself and all the plugins can be easily reinstalled from their source, there is an option to just backup a list of the active plugins rather than all the code in those plugins.

The backup jobs can be scheduled to run automatically so it is set and forget. You can also choose where each backup actually backs up to with choices including another folder on your hosting (not recommended), to be sent via email, or to one of several online services such as Dropbox or S3.

Where you are running a multisite WordPress install this plugin does not provide access to backup the individual WordPress sites. The plugin is arranged so that it can only be run for the entire installation (of course you can set up backups to work with the individual sites from there). This means that only the network admin can create the backup jobs.

When setting up a backup all of the WordPress tables are selected by default for the database part with all tables listed. You can add any extra tables or remove any to suit. The files part of the backup works on an exception system with you selecting which of the main WordPress folders to back up and then identifying which sub-folders within those that you want to exclude. An option at the bottom allows you to specify the absolute path to any additional folders outside of WordPress you want ti include in the backup.

I tested this backup on three different WordPress configurations and it worked perfectly on all three. Unfortunately on one of them it caused problems with the Post update option generating 500 server errors but this is more likely due to a combination of plugins rather than being specifically related to this one.

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