Web Site Cookbook

I do not recommend purchasing this book.

My Rating: yesnononono





I'll begin by saying that I haven't studied this book as closely as I usually do because the flaws that I noticed on first reading are significant enough for me to recommend avoiding this book - particularly for those with an interest in Javascript.

Much of the javascript information in the book is extremely outdated and the author also indicates a lack of understanding of some HTML. For example the author says that the title attribute for links works like the alt tag for images which is wrong because the title attribute on all HTML tags works the same and the alt attribute has an entirely different use. The author acknowledges the case sensitivity of Javascript and then uses incorrect capitalization in all of his event handler references (eg. onFocus instead of onfocus). His 'no right click' script isn't included because it would breach copyright and yet window.oncontextmenu = null; is at least as effective at driving visitors away and is too short to copyright.

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