Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes

Everything you need to know to create your own WordPress theme all in the one small book.

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Building a WordPreszs theme requires a combination of skills - primarily HTML, CSS, and a knowledge of how WordPress works, plus some PHP. This book assumes that you have a decent knowledge of HTML and CSS already and presents you with the knowledge of how WordPress works so as to be able to construct your own theme. A prior knowledge of PHP (or at least some sort of programming language) is also useful before you start but the book does a pretty good job of explaining what the PHP code you need does so that you can possibly stil make use of this book even without haqving done any prior programming.

The book covers the development of a theme in a logical order. Chapter two describes the component parts of WordPress that you can use (and in some cases must use) as a part of your theme. The rest of that chapter and the following one cover the basics of web design and how to apply it to WordPress. Designers may already know some of the generic design theory it covers but should still read the chapters in order to see how it applies to WordPress.

Chapter four shows you how to avoid reinventing the wheel bu selecting a theme template to use as the starting point for your theme. It also covers how to define a child theme so that subsequent changes to your selected template can be automatically applied. Chapter five covers the most important aspect of theme creation explaining what all of the essential files that your theme must have and building on the information in the prior chapter to give you the information you need to create your own themed WordPress site.

Chapters six and seven cover widgets and options respectively. You may not need these when creating a theme for your own use but these are useful for themes that you are intending to sell. In particular having your own page in the admin options that allows some aspects of your theme to be easily changed will make your theme usable for more people.

The final chapter covers the ways that you can sell your WordPress theme and the options that you have with respect to licencing. It points out that your PHP code must be released under the GPL licence but that you have a choice as to what licence you use for the HTML and CSS. It also covers the importance of support.

Whether you are looking to create a theme for your own WordPress site that will be different from what everyone else is using or are looking to become a professional WordPress theme developer, this book provides much of the basic information that you need to know in a clear and easy to understand format.

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