Operating Systems Supported by XCOM

XCOM is a suite of communications programs that allows files to be sent to and received from other computers. As such, the usefulness of these programs relies not only on there being a version available that runs on the operating system used by your local computer. There also needs to be an equivalent version available that runs on the operating system used by the remote computer with which you wish to communicate. This is true of all communications packages.

XCOM has an advantage over most of the competing communications suites because versions are available that will run on the vast majority of operating systems used by computers today.

Each operating system has its own naming conventions for files held on that system. When sending and receiving files where the remote system uses a different operating system from that you are running locally, it is necessary that the references to the files on the remote system be specified in a way appropriate to that operating system. The way that the remote file definition is specified in an existing XCOM transmission can also give an indication of which operating system is being run on the remote system (this is not always true as several different operating systems use similar naming standards).

There are versions of XCOM available to run on all of the following operating systems. Each entry is followed by a template for the file naming convention that XCOM uses for the local and remote file specifications for that operating system. (optional parts of the specification are surrounded by brackets[]);

Note: I believe I have listed all of the operating systems within the correct grouping (mainframe, mid-range, or PC). Some operating systems (eg. unix) will run on computers across the full range and so I have placed it in the grouping where it is most commonly run. If you believe that I have made a mistake in this grouping, please let me know.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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