Error Message Codes

All XCOM error messages display an error code on the front of the message that uniquely identifies the message and which allows you to find out more about the error by looking the message up in the appropriate messages manual.

Each XCOM error message has XCOM in positions one through four of the error code to identify that the error message has been produced by XCOM.

Column five of the error message contains a letter that identifies the operating system that has produced the error message. As an XCOM session involves both a local and a remote computer that are communicating with one another this can help identify which end of the communication has produced the error. Values include:

Positions six through nine contain a four digit number that identifies the specific message. You can use this number along with the operating system identifier that precedes it to look up the XCOM messages section of the appropriate operating systems XCOM manual for more information about the particular error message.

Position ten identifies the type of error message that has been produced:


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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