XHTML 5 Reference

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With the exception of video and audio, all other external files are attached to the page using the <object type="" data=""> </object> tag. This tag can be used to attach Java Applets, other HTML pages, video and audio files in formats that support older browsers that don't support the new tags and anything else that needs to be attached into the page.

he following optional attributes can be specified on the object tag depending on what type of object you are attaching:

<param name="" value=""/> defines parameters for the object. What parameters need to be applied depend on the particular object being attached.

For example, embedding an external web page into the current web page can be easily done using the following (assuming that external.html is the page to be embedded):

<object type="text/html" data="external.html" width="300" height="400">
<p>Alternate text for browsers that don't support embedding external pages.</p>

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