Swapping Rows with Columns

Sometimes after you have started creating a spreadsheet in excel you suddenly realize that what you have entered as columns would be better viewed as rows and vice versa either to better fit onto the printed pages or because the spreadsheet is not the same size in both directions. Rather than start over or manually switch individual fields excel provides a very simple means of performing this alteration to your entered data.

To start with you need to select all of the area within the spreadsheet that you want to make this change to and copy it. If you want to change the entire spreadsheet you can click on the blank area above the 1 and immediately to the left of the A to select the entire page.

Next select the top left cell where you want the reorganized block to be inserted. This is not allowed to be within the area previously selected so if you are changing an entire spreadsheet you will need to select a different page to insert the results (you can always delete the original afterwards).

Finally to perform the actual transformation go into the Edit menu and select Paste Special. In the dialog box make sure that the Transpose checkbox is selected and then select OK. The selected content will now be inserted into its new location with all of the rows now being displayed as columns and the columns as rows. If necessary you can now select the area again and move it back over the original content.

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