No Nonsense XML Web Development with PHP

If you want to learn how to use XML in a practical way then this book shows you not only how XML works but also how to use it in conjunction with your other web development tools.

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No one web development language stands alone (whether markup language or programming language) and this book nicely illustrates the importance of the interactions between the various languages that you might use in developing an interactive web site based on XML. A number of inter-related languages are covered including DTD, CSS, XPath, XSLT, PHP, Javascript, and XML-RPC but only minimal knowledge of any of these is required as the book discusses how they interact with XML in a way that is very easy to follow even if you haven't heard of some of those languages before.

The book starts with the basics and uses the development of a simple Change Management System as a real world example of how XML can be used in conjunction with various other languages each covered in a separate chapter. The book discusses both server side and client side approaches to performing a variety of tasks and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. This means that you will have the information you need to choose the right solutions to whatever you are trying to achieve. Chapter 6 introduces how you can use it with Javascript.

XML is certainly of growing importance to the web (and elsewhere) and this book provides a practical guide to how it works and how to use it in web development. If you have never used XML or XSLT before or have looked at them and not understood what they are or how to use them then this book provides the information you need to understand and use them.

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